Super Ultra Great Delicious Mountain Storm
Shot Type
Overhead Smash
  • Tooyama flipping himself into the air.
  • The extreme power behind the smash.

Kintarō's signature technique in which he begins to spin rapidly, like a tornado, then jumps through performing flips and launches himself into the sky and finally performs a smash that's more powerful and dangerous than Ishida Gin's Lvl. 108 Hadōkyū.



  • A possible counter to this smash is Hyaku Ren Jitoku no Kiwami as Tezuka attempted to use but did not since Kintaro was knocked out by his teammate in the episode The Prince of Naniwa, The First Act.
  • Another counter that was shown to successful was Echizen's (partially completed) Samurai Drive.
  • Another successful counter shown in New Prince of Tennis was Black Tomahawk.

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