Kabaji observing the opponent

Due to Kabaji Munehiro's simple-mindedness, he is able to copy an opponent's techniques and play styles by observing it just once. This is known as the Super Copy. This state of mind has allowed Kabaji to copy even the most intricate of techniques including the Zero-shiki Drop Shot and Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami. This technique, however, does not overlap into future matches Kabaji might have. Kabaji "forgets" the techniques he copied when the match is over.

Super Copy does have weaknesses though. Kabaji lacks experience and if court conditions suddenly change, Kabaji does not know how to use the copied techniques to their maximum capacity. This is shown in Kabaji's match with Tezuka, when it suddenly rained and Kabaji hit the ball out of court constantly.

Another weakness is if Kabaji does not have the physique to execute a technique properly. When Kabaji attempted to copy Danji no Haru, but did not have the strength to match the original technique's power. Also when Kabaji tried to copy the Magic Volley . He did not possess the flexible wrists that Jirou has, which resulted in the ball hitting the net.

Ways to Counter it

  • While Kabaji can copy an opponent perfectly, he is unable to copy the experience the opponent has with their techniques. Thus, if the condition of the match suddenly changes (such as rain causing the courts and the grip to become slippery), he will be unable to replicate the way the opponent uses the technique, as he is not used to using said techniques in those conditions.
  • Kabaji cannot copy another person's anatomy, thus his own body can limit the accuracy of the technique replication. If an opponent is physically stronger than him, then he cannot replicate his opponent's power. He cannot replicate his opponent's flexibility perfectly (as shown in the anime-only match against Kikumaru and in New Prince of Tennis against Jirou).
  • Kabaji is limited to the weakness of the techniques he copies, and it can be even more dangerous for him as he may not know the dangers of the techniques he is copying (such as the One-Handed Hadokyu).


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