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Kintaro's Coach (Unofficially)



Manga Debut

Golden Age 176 (flashback)

Wait right there you little brat! You say you can do anything? Fool.
— Sugi


Sugi (full name unknown) was a professional tennis player who reached the finals of Wimbledon in doubles and won.


She looked like a fragile, thin old lady. However, her looks easily deceived Kintaro as she easily overwhelmed him. She wears large circular glasses with a pattern of white and black dashes.


She challenges Kintaro to a tennis match where she overwhelmed him. She taunted him when she proceeded to defeat him. Despite this, she shows her kind side by giving Kintaro some Takoyaki and entrusted her racket to him.

She says "fool" quite a lot when conversing with Kintaro.


Kintaro's 1st Year of Middle SchoolEdit

Kintarou's motto is described something akin to "If they beat you, beat 'em back". He learned that motto from Sugi who "taught" him tennis. She didn't really teach him as Kintaro was boasting that he could win at any sport. She got annoyed, challenged him, and proceeded to defeat him. Kintaro said that tennis was boring and she taunted him. He then tried daily to get back at her.

Nanjiro was indebted to her. He went to visit her grave and saw Kintaro and asked him where he got his current wooden racket. Its apparently her racket which she entrusted to him. He then talks to Ryoma saying that Kintaro will be a huge rival for him.


Kintaro ToyamaEdit

She was his "coach". She was the one who introduced tennis to him. Because of her, Kintaro is the person he has become today. Before she died, she entrusted her racket to him.


  • You speak with more respect! Fool!
  • What's wrong fool? If you're frustrated try to return it.


Character TriviaEdit

  • She was a doubles player that went to Wimbledon and went as far as the finals and won.
  • Nanjiro mentions that she laid the foundation for the Japanese Tennis world.
  • She is the first character in the Prince of Tennis series that has been mentioned to have participated and won at an identified Grand Slam tournament -- in particular, Wimbledon, the most prestigious Grand Slam championship of all.

Other TriviaEdit

  • She is probably based on Ai Sugiyama. Sugiyama was runner-up in Wimbledon doubles in 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2007 and won the championship in 2003. She's the only Japanese who has accomplished this.


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