Southern Cross

Haritsuku Gomen

Shot Type
Slice Forehand Drive Volley
Haritsuke Gomen 磔御免

Krauser defeats his opponents by making a grave marker on the grill behind the opponent and finally crucifying them. He mostly uses the technique on a cord ball and aims for opponent's chest. After he has completed the Grave Marker, Krauser uses a Hopping Ball which creates an illusion of many balls forming a cross and is impossible to dodge. As the ball connects with the opponent, Krauser says, "Bear the cross and suffer..."

It is alternatively referred to as Haritsuke Gomen 磔御免 or Dismissal by Crucifixion.

Derived FromEdit



  • Crucifixion is actually a method of execution. It roping roping or nailing to a wooden cross or similar apparatus and allowing to perish.

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