Shot Type
Offset Topspin

A forehand or backhand shot that has an offset topspin that causes it to curve to the corners of the court, making the opponent run around and lose stamina.

This is done by the user shifting his weight from his right leg to his left and swings his racquet upwards while putting a lot of topspin on the ball with centrifugal force, making it go over the net in a crescent moon shaped fashion. The nature of this technique, however, makes this useless against [[Shusuke Fuji]'s Tsubame Gaeshi, as noted by Kaidō himself.

This is also called a Buggy Whip Shot, and is said to be used often by pros (i.e. Pete Sampras is mentioned to have used it). The Fudomine players refer to it as a Buggy Whip Shot in the manga as does Sadaharu Inui. In the anime, while Ryoma Echizen is playing Kaidō in the ranking matches, the turning point of the game is when Echizen realizes, and actually states, that the "Snake" is the Buggy Whip Shot. Sometime later, freshman Satoshi Horio was also commenting on the excellence of Buggy Whip Shot, presumably when performed by Ryoma, much to the irritation of Kaidō.

Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, Snake is mostly depicted by a forehand, but in the manga, Kaidō uses a backhand Snake in his matches against Fudomine Middle School, Hyotei Academy, and Rokkaku. The only times a backhand Snake is shown in the anime is once in the Fudomine match, in stand-still shots in the matches against Hyōtei and Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku at the Regionals, and against Shitenhōji in the Nationals.



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