The Prince of Tennis
Season OVA, Episode 10
Air date
January 26, 2007
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Tezuka Kunimitsu (Episode)

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The Nationals Semifinals arc - Shitenhōji arc

Short-lived Match is the 10th episode of the Nationals OVA and the 4th of the Rematch against Hyotei arc. It originally aired on January 26, 2007.

The opening song is "Kakaeta Kiseki" by Aozu and the ending is "Fujouri" by Hyotei Eternity.


Doubles 2, the second match of the quarterfinals: Inui-Kaido pair vs Mukahi-Hiyoshi pair. In a try for a short match against Inui and Kaido, Mukahi and Hiyoshi play with all they've got from the beginning. Inui reveals a new move at the start. When Mukahi and Hiyoshi are at match point, Kaido shows a new move!


It's Doubles 2 and it's Inui and Kaido vs. Mukahi and Hiyoshi. Inui comes up with a new serve called Waterfall which is even faster than Otori's Scud Serve. He takes the first game easily with his new serve. However, the Hyotei team takes the next 5 games as they are displaying all their best moves at the beginning of the match. Inui then discovers that they are trying to play a quick match because that would be the most disadvantageous to him and Kaido with Kaido's superhuman stamina and Inui's ability to gather data as the match goes on. However, those qualities are only effective when they play a long drawn out match. Therefore, the Hyotei members are playing as quickly as they can to make it a short match. However, at Hyotei's match point, the Hyotei members were tired out and drenched in sweat and that's when everyone realized that the Hyotei members had fallen into Kaido's trap.

Tennis Techniques IntroducedEdit

Manga Chapter Equivalents Edit

  • Genius 278: Lighting the Heart on Fire
  • Genius 279: Short-term battle
  • Genius 280: Probability...100%
  • Genius 281: The Unbeatable Man
  • Genius 282: Tezuka's Close Call

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

  • Kaido hits a Reverse Snake in the manga, in the anime he uses a Boomerang Snake.
  • Boomerang Snake is used much more frequently in the anime than the manga.
  • Atobe seems unsurprised to see Tezuka play Singles 2 in the anime compared to the manga.

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