The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 116-117
Episode 116 117
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This is an hour long special that is composed of the 116th and 117th episode of the Prince of Tennis Series and the first episode in the Rikkaidai arc.


The Seigaku regulars are leaving their training camp. They head back and are told to go home and rest up because the finals are the next day. But Fuji meets up with An Tachibana for something secret. Momo and Echizen see this exchange and luckily Fuji invites both of them to come along to wherever they are going.

They end up visiting Kippei at the hospital. Kippei is very happy to see all of them and he sends his sister out to get some things at the local supermarket. She takes Momo and Echizen so that her brother can discuss something serious with Fuji. He begins by telling them something about the Rikkai Dai captain and it isn't revealed. But the Rikkai Dai Captain Seiichi Yukimura is in the same hospital.

His teamates visit him and he lets only the vice captain Sanada know that the success rate of the operation he have next day is not so high but he decided to take a chance on it. Akaya and Jackal drop in Kippei and Akaya taunts him. He says that he is not sorry for what he did to him. Momo gets very angry at this and he ends up trying to punch Akaya only to be stopped by Fuji. Everyone leaves to go home and rest but meanwhile Ryoma is once again challenging Sanada to a game and he shows him a little bit of how he has improved at camp. But Ryoma suddenly quit the game, because Sanada has said the Final will end in 3 matches and he won't be facing him next day. Ryoma says "Seigaku will win" and leaves.

The second half of the episode continues with each of the players pre game preparations. As usual Ryoma, Momo, and this time, Kaidoh, are late. Kaidoh is trying to rescue a dog that got stuck in a river and Ryoma was stuck in traffic because of an accident. Momo fortunately was not in that accident.

Kaidoh is struggling through the river when Momo shows up with a rope to pull him and the puppy out of the river. Everyone is thinking that Seigaku is going to have to forfeit but thankfully they have a plan be. Kawamura and Arai pair. But somehow Kaidoh and Momo were able to make it in time thanks to Kawamura and his dad bringing them in their sushi car. The episode ends with the players all lined up ready for the Kanto Finals.