37 "A Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face"

"Ryōma Jirushi no Tenisubōru" (リョーマ印のテニスボール)

June 26, 2002 June 18, 2007
Nanjiro tricks Ryoma into teaching Sakuno and Tomoka tennis. While trying to teach the two girls tennis, however, Sakuno accidentally disrupts the practice of a school team. In order to help, Ryoma defeats the entire team, not knowing that they are one of Seigaku's next opponents, Ginka. Unbeknownst to them, Yamabuki Junior High's Jin Akutsu, who was planning to beat Ginka himself, is observing the entire event.
38 "Penal-Tea"

"Penaru Tii!" (ペナル茶!)

July 3, 2002 June 25, 2007
Akutsu wreaks havoc in Seigaku, attacking Kachiro and Arai. Ryoma intervenes, and when Akutsu throws a rock at him, he is able to hit it back with his racket. However, when Akutsu throws several rocks at him, he gets injured in the process. When the regulars later spot Kawamura and Akutsu having a secret meeting, they are surprised to find that the two have known each other since childhood.
39 "The Brown Bear"

"Bear Drop! // Higuma Otoshi!" (ヒグマ落とし!)

July 10, 2002 July 2, 2007
During training, the regulars end up running laps. When Inui announces that the last person to cross the finish line has to drink his new drink. Determined not lose, they all end up finishing at the same time. Later, Ryoma and Fuji face off in a practice match, where the two decide to go all out. During the match, Fuji reveals his second Triple Counter, the Higuma Otoshi (Bear Drop), which is able to counter Ryoma's smashes, but the latter is determined to find a way to defeat it.
40 "A Duel in the Rain"

"Ame no Naka no Kettō" (雨の中の決闘)

July 17, 2002 July 16, 2007
Through his continuous attempts, Ryoma finally figures out a way to defeat Fuji's counter. Meanwhile, the other regulars continue their own matches, with Tezuka quickly defeating his opponent, Momoshiro. Shortly after, the Seigaku practice matches are cut short due to rain. Unsatisfied with the incomplete match, Fuji and Ryoma continue their duel with each other. However, Ryuzaki puts a stop to it, scolding and lecturing them about the consequences.

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