The Seigaku regulars, minus Tezuka, shocked at the cottage they will be staying in during the camp.

The Seigaku Training Camp was a camp for the Seigaku Regulars (excluding Tezuka) to increase their skills, strength, and speed in tennis. It is during this training camp where the Seigaku captain prior to Tezuka, Yamato Yudai, was introduced. The Hyoutei regulars are also invited to the camp to help Seigaku train.

The camp spans eight episodes from 106: Off To The Cottage! to 114: Ryoma is Going! in the Training to Defeat Rikkai Dai arc.



Kaidoh reading a magazine about Karuizawa, the location of the training camp.

Momoshiro describes the training camp and lodge to be in Karuizawa, Nagano while traveling on the bus with his teammates. The lodge and area around it is owned by Coach Ryuzaki's old acquaintances who agreed for the Seigaku tennis regulars to utilize the place. Kaidoh believed the area to be a historic and high classed area with good food, an assumption he based off of a magazine he read while on the bus.

When they arrive there, the Seigaku regulars find themselves standing infront of an old, dilapidated cottage (who they refuse to call their lodge) located inside of a forest, somewhat like in the middle of nowhere.

Surrounding the forests are mountains, streams, and high man made steps- parts of the enviornment the regulars use for training.


  • Another view of the cottage.
  • Kaidoh and Momoshiro fighting in the bath.
  • 1st years preparing food in the kitchen.
  • The common dining area.
  • Inside of the sleeping area, Inui lies on a futon while Echizen notices his senpai's glasse are off and attempts to see his eyes.

Inside of the cottage is a bathhouse, old kitchen, common area for dining, and a sleeping area for the regulars who use futons.

The 1st year volunteers (Sakuno Ryuzaki, Tomoka Osakada, Satoshi Horio, Katō Kachirō, and Katsuo Mizuno) were in-charge with house cleaning, cooking, and other tasks unrelated to the regular's training schedule.

Tennis CourtsEdit

Old and run down. Many frogs had taken refuge at the camp.

Training ProgramEdit

Tennis BiathlonEdit

Seigaku vs. HyouteiEdit

Jump Kabaji!Edit


Hyoutei regulars arriving to the Seigaku Training Camp.

The first scheduled match was Kikumaru vs Kabaji. At the same time, there was a match between Inui and Hiyoshi.

Original Prodigy: Fuji ShusukeEdit

The genius players, Yūshi Oshitari of Hyotei and Shusuke Fuji of Seigaku face off. Ryō Shishido faces Oishi.

Hadōkyū vs Scud ServeEdit

Mukahi Gakuto plays Momoshiro while Ootori Chotaro faces Kawamura.

Atobe the BeautifulEdit

Kaidoh faces Akutagawa Jiro, while Ryoma faces Keigo Atobe. Kaidoh eventually uses the Hadōkyū to hit a Boomerang Snake, which knocks out Jiro.

Ryoma is GoingEdit

Atobe sees Ryoma's limitless potential. During this game, Ryoma starts to develop his new move, and he practices it with Oishi after his practice game with Hyotei.

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