The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 164
Ep 164
Air date
December 15, 2004
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Seigaku's Secret Mission: Surprise is the 164th episode of Prince of Tennis. It originally aired on the 15th of December 2004.


Ryuzaki-sensei will be out of the hospital soon. The Seigaku tennis club wants to surprise her when she comes back. Also, another very surprising thing happens.


Seigaku's Ryuzaki-Sensei is finally discharged from hospital. When Eiji Kikumaru and Oishi Syuchiro learn of this, they decide to hold a surprise party for her. They calculate that she will go to her house and then to the school, and that if she does this, they will have enough time to finish decorating the Seigaku tennis court by the time she arrives. They have Kaoru Kaidoh trail behind her just in case on his bike. Meanwhile, they prepare for the party.

However, Ryuzaki Sensei discovers Kaidoh trailing along, this plus Sakuno Ryusaki's (who was in the taxi with her and knows about the plan) strange behavior when she tries to convince Ryuzaki-Sensei that Kaidoh isn't following them, has convinced her that something is up, so she decides to go to Seigaku straight away to check on the tennis club. Kaidoh informs Oishi of this and they quickly pack up all of their decorations and hide behind the bushes just as Ryuzaki appears.

When she sees that not one member from the tennis club is present she questions Tomoka Osakada and Sakuno on where they are. As they make up really bad stories, Ryuzaki sees a sign that says, "Congratulations on your discharge from hospital" half hidden in the bushes and figures out that the members were preparing a party for her. Then she pretends that she believes Tomoko and Sakuno's badly made up story that the members are participating in other clubs to gain skills from other sports like what Kiyosumi Sengoku did with boxing and Bobby Max with basketball, baseball and football. However, to make it harder for the Seigaku regulars, Ryuzaki-Sensei asks Tomoko and Sakuno to take her to these other clubs so she can observe how well this is going. The Seigaku members hearing this, leave the rest of the decorations to the other members while the regulars actually go and join in other sports to make Sakuno and Tomoko's story true.

Manga Chapter Equivalent

  • This episode is non-canon therefore this story does not exist in the manga.