Scud Serve is the 57th episode of Prince of Tennis. It was originally aired on the 13th of November.


After Momoshiro and Eiji beat their opponents, Sadaharu Inui and Kaoru Kaido play against Ryo Shishido and Chōtarō Ōtori pair. To start off the match, Ohtori shows them his Scud Serve, a super fast serve verging on 200 km/h. Since the serve was not in Inui's data, the pair has difficulty in trying to return it.


Tennis Moves Introduced

Scud Serve - Chōtarō Ōtori

Characters Introduced


Mange Chapter Equiavlent


During the start of the Momoshiro/Kikumaru vs Mukahi/Oshitari match, Momo was the one who had the first serve. However, at 5-4, Momo was shown to be serving again, which is impossible or illegal; at this score, one of the Hyotei members should be serving since Momo should have only been able to serve at the 0-0, 4-0, and 4-4 mark, not at 5-4.