Saori Shiba



Shiba Saori








Monthly Pro Tennis

Voice Actor

Noriko Namiki (Japanese)
Wendee Lee (English)

New to the sport, Shiba does not have a good grasp of the happenings in the tennis world. For this reason, although she conducts occasional interviews, her role is more of a photographer. She is slightly immature for her age, and is a bit shallow when it comes to the appearance of the players she plans to interview; however, this was only towards the beginning of the series. She is seen to no longer have this bias by the end of the series. She is normally seen with Inoue Mamoru going to different middle schools and tennis tournaments for their company, Monthly Pro Tennis.


She was first introduced in the series as a reporter who asked Ryoma for directions to the tennis courts after she had explained that Sakuno (not by name) had given her directions that had gotten even more lost. Her inital shallow nature insulted Ryoma when she informed him that she might interview him in two years, which resulted in Ryoma ignoring her attempts at an interview the next day after Seigaku's ranking matches.


By Japanese standards, Shiba is considered to be a tall woman. As seen in the early chapters of her appearance she is slightly shorter than Coach Ryuzaki Sumire and close to Fuji Shuusuke's height, leaving her at approximately 5'5" to 5'7".

Anime CounterpartEdit

As compared to her manga counterpart, Shiba is much more immature and even more shallow especially about her own appearance and things she doesn't want to do. She is much more easily angered. At the first Seigaku ranking matches she announces that she will personally cover any and all Seigaku related tennis events. She spends most of her time going to Seigaku's tennis practices to take picture of the players while fangirling over them, and like her counterpart she is often seen with Inoue Mamoru.

Unlike her manga counterpart, Shiba, like many others, becomes an avid Echizen Ryoma fan. Despite that she is not fond of Ryoma's father Nanjiro, and is grossed out by his perverted nature. She does not appear to share the same respect for the ex-Pro as her manga self.


  • She interviews the Seigaku Regulars, as seen in the video game Smash Hit 2.
  • It is hinted that she has feelings for Mamoru Inoue shown when she dragged him away when he was talking to Nanako Meino.


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