Samurai Drive


Shot Type
Backhand Drive Volley

A (backhand) technique where Ryoma hits a powerful return toward the rope that is between the net and the pole. Because of the tremendous force, the rope slices the ball in half, resulting in both pieces going in different directions.

In the manga, the force of this shot is strong enough to loosen the net itself, while in the Nationals OVA, the ball simply gets cut through without even harming the net.

It was first seen during his one-point match against Kintarō Tōyama, but only the outcome of the ball was shown, not the technique itself. Ryoma first shows how the technique is done during his match against Yukimura Seiichi, which is also when its name is revealed. It is a very powerful technique.



  • In real life, if the ball splits in half whilst in play, then play is stopped.


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