Saint Icarus (or St. Icarus) is a school in the Yamagata prefecture. In 2008, they won the Touhoku tournament. At the Nationals, they lost in the first round against Yamabuki Junior High.


Tennis RecordEdit

Nationals Round 1Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Munekata Keisuke Singles 3 Nishikiori Tsubasa Won 6-4
Abe/Shirahata Doubles 2 Nitobe Inakichi/Kita Ichiuma Lost 4-6
Nawano Singles 2 Muromachi Touji Lost 5-7
Takahashi/Hoshikawa Doubles 1 Minami Kentarou/Higashikata Masami Lost 3-6
Richard Sakata Singles 1 Kiyosumi Sengoku Lost 4-6

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