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Yukimura & Fuji

Sadist Pair

Sadist Pair (or Smiling Pair) is the commonly used shipping name by fans who believe both Yukimura and Fuji are in a romantic relationship.


  • Not many hints are given since both of them have little interaction. However, they are dorm mates in New Prince of Tennis, along with Shiraishi. All three of them have an interest in plants and get along quite well.
  • At the National finals, Yukimura did admit that Fuji was a formidable opponent when watching Nio vs Fuji in the Singles 2 slot.
  • The one thing they have in common is that they are both calm and kind outside of court but can hurt you in a tennis match. This gives fans the vibe of sadism.


  • They are both third years who are voiced by female voice actors.

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