Tennis Matches
Chapter 225
Kanto Regional Finals
Ryoma Echizen and Sanada
Final Score

This match was one of Ryoma's most developed and notable matches.


Ryoma starts out the match by going into the State of Self Actualization right away. He manages to win the first game by using a blitz of techniques, but loses control of the game when fatigue sets in. While Ryoma manages to keep steady and return Sanada's Fuu, Sanada merely responds by using Ka.

With all hope seeming lost, Ryoma manages to gain a burst of energy and begins fighting back. Sanada is undaunted, but Ryoma manages to catch up and take the lead. Sanada goes into the State of Self Actualization himself, determined to end the match, but Ryoma manages to win by debuting his Cool Drive.


In the final match for the Kantō Regional Finals, Ryoma and Sanada begin the deciding match. Sanada begins by using the Invisible Swing, which Ryoma cannot return, resulting in Sanada taking the first three games. Ryoma's eyes then adjust to the speed of the ball and is finally able to return it. He debuts his Cyclone Smash, which wins him the next two games.

However, the fatigue caused by following the Sanada's Invisible Swing proves too much for his eyes, so he closes his eyes. To everyone's surprise, Ryoma returns the balls with his eyes closed, and wins the next game. Frustrated, Sanada unveils his Invisible Serve, which is even faster than his Invisible Swing, thus Ryoma has to open his eyes again.

Nearly exhausted, Ryoma loses the following games, with the score favoring Sanada at 5 games to 3. During Sanada's match point, Ryoma receives encouragement from several other players, and quickly returns the Invisible Serve with a return ace. It is then that Ryoma uses his Samurai's Eye, and begins to use the techniques that his opponents' have previously used against him. With that, and constant use of powerful Cyclone Smashes, Ryoma wins with 7 games to 5.

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