Tennis Matches
Chapter 187 (2)
Ryoma Echizen and Kirihara
Final Score

This match is a manga only match.

Prior to the Kanto Regional FinalsEdit

Ryomas and Kirihara Akaya of Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku meet prior to the Kantō Regional finals and decide to have an unofficial match. While Ryoma starts out well, Kirihara's Red Eyes form becomes too much for him.

However, when losing 4-0, Ryoma unconsciously taps into the State of Self Actualization for the first time. He goes into a trance and wins six consecutive games, defeating Kirihara, but then falls unconscious. When he awakes and is later questioned by Sanada, he is unaware of his victory. Yet he got scared of red eyes and the next day everyone has red eyes, making him faint three times.

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