Ryoma (Album)
Ryoma cover
Ryoma Cover
Minagawa Junko
Echizen Ryoma
Release date
December 24, 2012
Distributed By
King Records
Catalog Number
Complete music list

Ryoma is a self-titled album released by Ryoma (Junko Minagawa). Coincidentlly, it was released on the character's birthday, (24 Decemeber 2012).


  1. Take Off ~Instrumental~
  2. Kimi No Soba Ni
  3. So Young!!
  4. Under Pressure
  5. Dear My Friend
  6. 7th Direction
  7. Still
  8. Raison D`Etre
  9. Arittake No Kimochi Komete
  10. Dash for Dream
  11. Shout up to the sky
  12. Naze
  13. Tsutaetainda
  14. Kaze Ga Mau Kono Oka Ni


  • 7th direction is the first duet song by Atobe (Junichi Suwabe) in any of the Prince of Tennis music CDs.
  • This is currently the only self-titled album from both Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis.

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