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Atobe Ryoma

Atobe and Ryoma just before they start their hysterical laughing

Royal Pair is the name coined by fans who believe that Ryoma and Atobe are in a romantic relationship. This is named so, as Ryoma's nickname is Prince, while Atobe's nickname is King.


  • Atobe helps Ryoma regain his memories of tennis before Ryoma's match with Yukimura.
  • They are both similar in personality. They are both arrogant, cocky, and take pride in themselves.
  • Atobe helps Ryoma train for his match against Rikkaidai when Seigaku were at their training camp.
  • They both had their "synchronised" laughing competition before their match in the Nationals, with Ryoma laughing first and Atobe following.
  • Atobe often goes to Ryoma's important matches and in his own way gives off the vibe of cheering him on whether it be silently telling him to try harder or things of that sort.


When Ryoma is not paired with Atobe, he is often written to be Atobe's cousin. This happens especially when fanfiction writers write Ryoma as a female. In this sense, Atobe is written to be overprotective of his "baby cousin" as fans enjoy making. This type of fanfiction is quite popular.

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