Rondo Towards Destruction
Shot Type
Overhead Smash
  • Sanada explaining what will happen

A high level two-part smash in which the first part loosens the opponent's grip on the racket while the follow-up smash is free to score. The first smash hits the opponent grip on the racket and knocks the racket out of the opponent's hand. As the ball bounces up from the force of impact, Atobe smashes it once again at the court to score the point.

Ways To Counter ItEdit

  • Rondo Towards Destruction is nullified by Tezuka Kunimitsu, who does not loosen his grip on the first smash and is able to counterattack.
  • The Rondo is also defeated by Billy Cassidy of the USA West Coast Junior team, who uses his Shotgun Volley to intercept the smash and return it directly.
  • Echizen Ryoma was also shown to be able to overcome this smash in the anime with the same method used by Tezuka.



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