Rikkai Young Kan (立海ヤング漢) is a soundtrack group composed of the voice actors of Kirihara Akaya, Niou Masaharu, Marui Bunta, and Yagyu Hiroshi.


The four members are all from Rikkaidai and are considered the "youngsters," though not all of them are youngest in age (Marui is the oldest from Rikkai but is part of this group).


Gouka KenranEdit

Gouka Kenran (業火絢爛) was released in December 2008. This song made it to No.18 on the Oricon weekly single ranking for the week 29 Dec 08. According to Oricon, the estimated sales figure for the first week of release is 4,833 copies.


  1. Gouka Kenran
  2. Goukan Kenran (Original Karaoke)

Owaranai AiEdit

Owaranai Ai (終わらない愛) was released in October 2009. It was the ending theme song for the OVA episode The Trials of Rikkai, A Rebel who Challenges an Emperor.


  1. Owaranai Ai
  2. Owaranai (Original Karaoke)

Soul MateEdit

Soul Mate (ソールメイト) was released in November 2010.


  1. Soul Mate
  2. Soul Mate (Original Karaoke)

Party TimeEdit

Party Time was released in March 2015. It was the ending theme to New Prince of Tennis OVA episode 7.


  1. Party Time
  2. Party Time (Original Karaoke)


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