Ep. # Title Original Release Date
1 "New Years Special" Unknown
This New Year special episode and is a recap of the first episodes 1 to 12. However, there is a curious tournament with the regular players.
2 "Mini Theater" Unknown
The Seigaku regulars face of the Rikkai regulars.
3 "Mini Theater 2" Unknown
Inui is doing an observation of the Seigaku regulars at an unexpected moment. The unexpected moment being when a Seigaku regular walks in to find a love letter awaiting in their shoe locker.
4 "Mini Theater 3" Unknown
In Rikkai, Yukimura asks Sanada to model for him, so Yukimura can paint him.
5 "Band of Princes" Unknown
The Seigaku regulars are in a parallel universe, and instead of becoming national level tennis players, they want to become music idols.

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