The Prince of Tennis
Season 4, Episode 87 & 88
Episode 87-88
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Prince of Tennis Special (テニスの王子様スペシャル!Tenisu no Ōjisama Supersharuna!) is the 87th and 88th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. Both were aired on the same day of 25th June 2003. They were aired as a one-hour special.

Part 1


The Seigaku team goes bowling. Coach Ryuzaki divides the team into six teams of two. Inui introduces his new drink 'Aozu'. He arranged the rules that the gutter balls will be given the pitcher (a small glass of Aozu) and the loser will be given the whole drink. Everyone is knocked out by Aozu including Fuji (who could resist Inui's Juice). Also he introduces 'Akazu' for the winner.

Part 2


A short super deformed story, where Inui loses his glasses (follows the bowling fiasco).