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This page is for any merchandise for the Prince of Tennis franchise related to the Bath and Bed section.


Shinpuri Bedsheets

  • Type: Bedsheets
  • Characters: Fuji, Niou, Tokugawa
  • Release Date: April 2013

Shinpuri Pillows

Shinpuri Pillows Volume 1

  • Type: Pillow
  • Release Date: March 1, 2012
  • Characters: Atobe, Shiraishi
  • Notes: A satin pillow to let you have sweet dreams with Atobe or Shiraishi! It also says that this design is just a prototype and could change for the actual merchandise release.

Shinpuri Pillows Volume 2

  • Type: Pillow
  • Characters: Yukimura, Niou
  • Release Date: November 2, 2012

Shinpuri Blankets & Bath Towels

  • Type: Blanket (left), Towel (right)
  • Characters: Ryoma, Tokugawa, Atobe, Yukimura, Shiraishi
  • Release Date: Mid-December 2012 (blanket), Late January 2012 (towel)

Tenipuri Bedsheets

  • Type: Bedsheets
  • Characters: Atobe, Tezuka
  • Release Date: Mid-December 2012

Tenipuri Megane Towels

  • Type: Towels
  • Characters: Tezuka, Oshitari

Tenipuri Steamy Bath Poster

  • Type: Bath Poster
  • Characters: Tezuka, Shiraishi, Yukimura

Tenipuri Hand Towels

  • Type: Hand Towels
  • Characters: Ryoma, Tezuka, Atobe, Oshitari, Yukimura, Niou, Shiraishi, Kenya
  • Release Date: December, 2011

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