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Pillar Pair

Pillar Pair


Pillar Pair is the widely used shipping name to describe a possible romantic relationship between Ryoma and Tezuka.


  • Tezuka is the first Seigaku regular to recognise Ryoma's talent in tennis and decides to allow him to participate in the school's ranking tournaments, despite being a first year.
  • Tezuka desires Ryoma to be the next "Seigaku's pillar of support".
  • He has had a few practice matches with Ryoma before his actual matches or to teach Ryoma a lesson.
  • When Ryoma unofficially defeated Tezuka before leaving for America, Tezuka smiled.
  • Tezuka also smiled when Ryoma managed to defeat the undefeated Yukimura in the national finals. This also meant that Seigaku were the national champions.
  • Tezuka doesn't seem to be so strict or scold Ryoma so much despite his always late unlike towards the other members (e.g is the Survivoral Mountain training)
  • Tezuka also seem to treat Ryoma like his own little brother
  • Tezuka sees himself in Ryoma since they they share the same personalities especially when Tezuka was a 1st year himself and many of the regulars agrees to it
  • Many fans believe that when Ryoma becomes a 3rd he will also be the captain of the tennis club that his style as captain will be very much the same as Tezuka's
  • In the movie Battle of the British Castle Tezuka pretend he doesn't show his concern for Ryoma going after Keith but he tended to save him alone (till stop by Atobe, Fuji, Oishi, Shiraish, Sanada and Krihara) showing how worried he really was he also the first (along with Fuji) to show concern after Ryoma nearly fainted out of exhaustion after his match with Keith.

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