Pile Mirage is an anime only doubles formation that takes the place of the Inducement Formation. It is an advanced doubles formation in which both players line up vertically facing the net with their bodies at very close proximity. This creates a "mirage" that makes it look like there is only one person. This formation is used to prevent the opponents from predicting their moves. This is a very difficult formation to execute and can only work if the two players are in complete harmony. This was used by Ryō Shishido and Chōtarō Ōtori against the Golden Pair of Seishun Gakuen Eiji Kikumaru and Oishi Shuichiro.

Ways to Counter itEdit

  • This formation was defeated by the Golden Pair using their Synchro, a doubles technique of even higher level than Pile Mirage which allows them to know their partner's move without any sort of contact.



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