Shiraishi about to hit

Shiraishi in action.

Perfect Tennis is a style that wastes no energy at all by producing no excess or unnecessary movement, achieving the best results with each shot with very little effort. This is due to Shiraishi mastering all the fundamentals and basics through hard work and gradually being able to shape his form to the point where he can perform strokes without mannerisms or habitual actions that can lessen the use of stamina, which has a great effect in his concentration, movements, stamina, and etc.

Tennis is a skilled playstyle used by Shiraishi. Similar to the counter of Fuji's instead of using named moves that are special against an attack, Shiraishi used a variety of skilled shots to counter a move. In the game with Fuji, Shiraishi countered every attack before it evolved and was given credit to that of his skills. Due to his skilled variety of physical and technique being dominance, he able to combine his I.Q to tennis shots and make a counter towards even very hard moves. Even new moves such as Hecatoncheires No Monban was countered by Shiraishi as he knew how to add the reverse spin with a huge topspin, later winning the match.


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