Below is listed some of our guides on what can be posted and what can't be posted on this wiki. There are also a few guides showing how some pages are to be formatted.


When editing pages, all characters are to be listed in Family Name, Given Name order. When mentioning characters, they are to be mentioned by their family name or last name. There are a few exceptions to this such as when there are multiple characters with the same last name. For example when addressing Fuji Yūta, we call him Yūta as his brother is referred to as Fuji. The case is the same with Oshitari Yūshi and Oshitari Kenya, the former being referred to as Oshitari and the latter as Kenya. The four who are always referred to by their first/given name are Echizen Ryoma, Echizen Ryoga, Echizen Nanjirō, and Echizen Rinko.


Measurements of any kind must be kept in its original metric system form. Do NOT convert to the USA measuring system. The USA is the only country to not use the metric system as the dominant form.


There are several things on this wiki that we do not tolerate, and could possibly get you banned from the wiki. Here is a listing of what cannot be placed on pages:

  • character comparisons with characters that are not a part of The Prince of Tennis/The New Prince of Tennis universe
  • personal messages to the characters
  • write beliefs/theories, use the talk page
  • talk about fanfiction. There is a shipping category for that, or you can use you blog posts.
  • don't add things about the live action or the musical adaptions; there are two separate wiki for those two.
  • fanart (No doujinshi!)
  • sexually related content (Yes, a picture focused on Saori Shiba's breast does count as being sexually related. This is also aimed at doujinshi fans.)
  • fan edited artworks/images
  • vandalism (you should easily know what we mean)
  • inappropriate language (i.e.; cursing, dropping the f-bomb, calling all the characters homosexuals [there are only two known in the series; Hitouji Yūji and Konjiki Koharu, and etc.)

Final NoteEdit

I hope this cleared up somethings for the contributors, and please remember this wiki is only about the anime and manga. Brief mentionings and a few pages about the musicals can be found around the wiki, but please go to the tenimiyu wiki for all things concerned about the musicals. The same goes for live-action/drama series.

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