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Oshitari on a Certain Day

Seishun Gakuen Nanafushigi

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Oshitari on a Certain Day 2 is a bonus chibi episode released in the Another Story OVA dvd set.


Oshitari Kenya’s pain, like Oshitari Yuushi’s, is herein tied to the proper execution of a Japanese comedy routine.  The acts in this story are designed to be lame. Fortunately, only Kenya’s routine at the end was heavily pun-based.

Kenya and Zaizen’s routine is all kinds of puns about his catchphrase: “The Speed Star of Naniwa”. Kenya is supposed to be the tsukkomi (sane) and Zaizen the boke (insane), but no one laughs at their jokes (among them, Zaizen says something about Haniwa instead of Naniwa).

Unfortunately for Kenya, the audience only laughs when things get turned around so that he’s the one who looks stupid.

Zaizen: Kenya-san, I’ve been wondering this whole time, isn’t that “Speed Star” catchphrase getting a little old? Don’t you think you should freshen it up?
Kenya: W-what are you saying!?
Zaizen: You’ve been talking about ‘speed’ forever, but you eat your lunch really slowly. And you don’t really stand out like a ‘star’.
Kenya: Fine, then! What kind of catchphrase should I use, huh?
Zaizen: If you take “The Speed Star of Naniwa” and drop the “Speed” and the “Star”: “Naniwa”.

This is the only time that Kenya and Zaizen made the audience laugh.


  • The song playing before and after Kenya and Hikaru’s stand-up comedy routine is “Winning Shot”, a character song recorded by the two voice actors and released on the single “Best of Rival Players XXXV: Kenya Oshitari & Hikaru Zaizen”.
  • The name of the first act (“Shiraishi-hime”, translated “Princess Stone White”) is also a pun. In Japanese, the story of Snow White is given the title “Shirayuki-hime” — literally, “Princess White-Snow”. Shiraishi’s name happens to be written in a similar fashion, with “ishi” (stone) instead of “yuki” (snow). 
  • As for the sign before the Golden Pair’s routine… Eiji is listed as “Kikunosuke” — 菊の助. It’s constructed like a name, most likely manufactured to sound old-fashioned since their juggling-type act is traditional in nature.