The Prince of Tennis
Season OVA, Episode 19
One point match
Air date
January 25, 2008
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The Prince of Yakiniku

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The National Finals - Rikkai Dai Rematch arc

One-Point Match is the 19th episode of the OVA Nationals and the 6th and final episode of the Shitenhōji arc. It originally aired on January 25, 2008.

The opening song is "Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy" by Tachikiri Tai and the ending is "Sankyuu!!" by Cap to Bin.


Seigaku wins the match with Shitenhōji and moves on to the finals. Meanwhile, Rikkai Dai's Akaya Kirihara transforms into a demon as they turn around their "losses" to win and face Seigaku in the finals - it is revealed by Rikkaidai's members that they lost the first two matches on purpose to prove Akaya's true potential.

Kintarō, unwilling to wait one year to be able to challenge Ryoma again - or Koshimae, as Kintarō calls him - asks Ryoma for a one-point match. In the end the ball splits into half, each half on one side of the court, turning the over 40 minutes match into a draw.

Tennis Techniques IntroducedEdit

Manga Chapter Equivalents Edit

  • Genius 336: The Final Battle
  • Genius 337: The Fierce Battle! 1-Point Match: Echizen Ryoma vs Tooyama Kintarou
  • Genius 338: Devil
  • Genius 339: The Whereabouts of the One-Point Match
  • Genius 340: Towards the Prince of Tennis

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

  • In the manga Nanjiro is shown listening to Ryoma's match at their home's shrine, in the anime he's shown traveling in a taxi.

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