オリバー フィリップス


Oribā Firippusu






Unnamed Mother

High School

3rd Year

USA U-17 Camp

Guest Representative


Administrative Staff

Doubles Partner(s)

Ryoma Echizen

Manga Debut

Golden Age 153

Isn't this Melbourne court amazing? Standing here feels like a dream.
— Oliver to Ryoma


Oliver is a 3rd Year High School American who dreamt of becoming an American Representative.


Oliver has ear-length hair and wore a cap to note he was part of the administrative staff.


Oliver has dreams of becoming an American U-17 representative himself someday despite not being very talented, but is pleasant and modest about it. He helps Ryoma buy time for the team by posing as Ryoga (just by wearing Ryoma's jacket) when the US team fails to show up on time for their exhibition match against the Tube Republic. Likely due his last minute call, Oliver initially lacks a lot of the mental strength necessary to play tennis competitively and falters a lot early on, but shows a surprising amount of determination to win once he remembers his dream and that his job now is to support the team all he can. With Ryoma's subtle support, he was able to take at least one game for the set before the two win their set.


Pre-World Cup

While all the USA Representatives were in the shower, Oliver was at the venue entrance and begins talking to Ryoma. He explains that he aimed to become an American Representative.

The Pre-World Cup is about to begin for the USA team, however only Ryoma is at the venue. If they don't play, they'll get disqualified.

Ryoma has the idea of disguisng Oliver into Ryoga and gives him the American Representative uniform.

Their opponents are M. Nobtail and M. Halharter. Nobtail is attacking Oliver due to his inexperience and overwhelms him to the point that Oliver gets ridiculed by the audience. Ryoma returns the ball with a trick shot and catches Nobtail off-guard. Chance ball! Oliver poaches, but Nobtail yells something to intimidate him, causing him to loosen the grip on his racket and miss the shot.

Ryoma sees how hard Oliver is trying and is moved by it. He controls the rotation of the ball to make it easier for Oliver to hit.

When the other representatives finally arrive, Ryoma finishes off their opponents with interdimensional tennis.


Character Trivia

  • His house number is 16b.

Other Trivia

  • He is not an official member of the USA U-17 team.
    • This makes him the first person introduced to play for a team he is not part of.


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