# Title Original Release Date
1 "The Night Before the Invitation" Unknown
Ryoma visits New York and helps his friends get the public street tennis court back. Meanwhile the other schools get their invitation to the U-17 camp.
2 "The Child of God VS The Emperor" Unknown
While Sanada and Yukimura play their match that will decide who will stay in the U-17 camp, a history between the two is shown.
3 "The One That Stands On Top" Unknown
As Shiraishi and Kenya plays there Singles Tiebreaker Elimination, Shiraishi reflecs on how Kenya became who he is now.
4 "The Special Day" Unknown
Choutarou and Eiji reminisce about Shishido and Oishi. Atobe says its ridiculous feeling down since they didn't have the tennis skills to be in the U-17 camp. They end up settling things with a table tennis match.
5 "A Day To Remember" Unknown
Ootori Choutarou loses one of his shuffle matches which will determine what court he'll be in. He takes some advice from Marui and wins the second match.
6 "Angel and Bible" Unknown
Liliadent Krauser plays his shuffle match against High Schooler Nakagauchi Sotomichi, but passes out from exhaustion during the match. Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Kirihara Akaya play their shuffle match, but something changes them a bit.
7 "Prince of Secrets" Unknown
Late at night Horio tries to deliver Ryoma's bag to him.The other tennis players think that there is meat inside the bag. Horio gets chased by the other players, but gets saved by Kite. They hide in a room and Kite locks the door. Kite then turns his back on Horio and starts chasing him for the same reason. Horio manages to escape the clutches of Kite, but not without bumping into Dan and Shiita carrying a cart of pillows. From there the other middle schoolers come and start a pillow fight.

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