The Prince of Tennis
Season 6, Episode 131
Awww momo love
Air date
April 28, 2004
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Never Give Up is episode 131 of the original Prince of Tennis series.


Thanks to Ryoma's persistence in playing, the lady, Hannah Essenheimer, found her will to return to professional tennis.


Tezuka and everyone is still looking for Ryoma, Kaidoh, Momo, and Inui. But Ryoma is occupied with his match against Tezuka's drunk trainer. She turns out to be an incredible tennis player who continually points out the flaws in Ryoma's tennis. And she also happens to be Tezuka's trainer even though she expressed disdain for her cocky student. But Ryoma's not going to hold back. First he shows her the one footed split step, then the super rising shot. Drive B follows and Drive A also. But this trainer decides to seal all of his moves by keeping him pushed back at the baseline. And suddenly we find out who this trainer is: Hannah Eissenheimer.

A previous pro who at 16 swept the world by winning tournaments and with her catchphrase "Never Give Up" Ryoma's tenacity while playing against her made her to remember the feeling of fulfillment she got when playing tennis. She decided to return to the world of tennis after Ryoma won the match. Seigaku left Germany at the end of the episode.