Nashikari Gakuen is a middle school that participated in the Kanto Regionals. They eliminated Kasumi Daiyon in the first round but were eliminated by Rikkai Dai Fuzoku Chuu in the second. They never won a single game against them. They have a total tennis club membership of 43 members.


Tennis RecordEdit

Kanto Regionals Round 1Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Ichimiya Keisuke/Shinagawa Doubles 2 Ayukawa/Karube Yuudai Won 6-4
Wakabayashi Takao/Tomoda Shigeru Doubles 1 Hiyori/Hoshino Won 6-2
Urawa Singles 3 Shindou Won 6-3
Yokoyama Singles 2 Yuasa Nozomi Won 6-4
Ueno Singles 1 Hazuki Kyousuke Won 7-5

Kanto Regionals Round 2Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Yokoyama/Wakabayashi Takao Doubles 2 Marui Bunta/Jackal Kuwahara Lost 0-6
Ichimiya Keisuke/Ueno Doubles 1 Niō Masaharu/Yagyū Hiroshi Lost 0-6
Shinagawa Singles 3 Akaya Kirihara Lost 0-6
Urawa Singles 2 Renji Yanagi Not Played
Tomoda Shigeru Singles 1 Genichirō Sanada Not Played

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