Nanako Meino
Nanako Meino



Meino Nanako






Ryoma (Cousin)
Ryoga (Cousin)
Nanjirō (Uncle)
Rinko (Aunt)


College Student

Voice Actor

Risa Mizuno (Japanese)
Stephanie Sheh (English)

Nanako Meino (菜々子, Meino Nanako) is Ryoma's cousin.


She is a student at a local Tokyo college, who currently lives with her relatives, the Echizen family. She plays the role of an elder sibling figure to Ryoma, who is an only child and helps him and the other Echizens with their daily lives. Her chores include such task as cooking and cleaning.


Nanako is a tall and slender girl. She has long dark blue hair with bangs that are cut straight across. Her eyes are purple and she is usually seen wearing elegant clothing such as long skirts and cardigans.


She is sweet-tempered, very polite, loyal, and
  • Nanako brainstorming about what Ryoma needs for his trip.
  • Nanako as a contestant on a "game show".
  • Nanako feeling sad when Ryoma's away for too long.
devoted. Though despite her kind nature, she does not tolerate any bad behaviours within the household (which is usually refering to Nanjiro). She is also the type of person to get very concerned about a person's health and well-being. This is evident when Ryoma is going to the America for the U.S Open and she continues on non-stop about the items he needs to pack (she even goes so far as to pack a good luck charm for him).

Kanto Finals

She doesn't ever appear at matches but the Kanto Final between Sanada and Ryoma is the first match where she sees Ryoma play. He didn't want her to go but her uncle Nanjiro told her where the matches were being held.


Nanjiro Echizen - Nanako is normally seen scolding her uncle for the way he teases Ryoma. Often she scolds Nanjiro when he secretly reads his magazine and threatens him about telling his wife about it. She has also been seen looking at Nanjiro's pictures during his youth (from his middle school days till his pro days).

Ryoma Echizen - Nanako cares for Ryoma and treats him more like her own younger brother and often looks after him. Ryoma also treats and respects her like an older sister. She politely refers to him as "Ryoma-san" even though she is older and they are relatives. Nanako also cooks breakfast for Ryoma whenever his mom is too busy. Even though their interactions are hardly shown it is portrayed that Nanako does miss Ryoma's company when he is gone for a very long time e.g. the U.S Open.

Karupin - Nanako cares for and loves Karupin just almost as much as Ryoma does, and often takes care of Karupin when Ryoma is at school or attending a tennis tournament. Karupin seems to love her back.