The user's eyesight is so sharp that he can even catch the minute movements of a ball in motion.

This is first shown at Seigaku after Inui is off the regulars, and becomes the team's trainer. During the training session, Kikumaru's vision is commented on by his fellow teammates.

Though this ability has been used against them (see the doubles match against St. Rudolph's Yoshirō Akazawa and Ichirō Kaneda), it is definitely a plus as it allows the user to react faster and, for Eiji, keep up his acrobatic play, and as an observer he can see the ball and mention details such as when Echizen plays against Jōsei Shonan's Reiji Shinjō (anime only) . Also, it is shown when Ryoma plays against Fuji in a practice match and in Tezuka and Kite's match at the Nationals, thanks to their Motion Vision, Echizen and Kikumaru are able to notice a dirty antic from Kite as he hits small stones at Tezuka within one swing that the other players couldnt see.


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