Shot Type
Flat / Topspin
  • Gakuto performing the Moonsault
  • Returning the shot

A high-level and potentially dangerous (if gone wrong) aerial technique, Mukahi performs a very high jump and flip in the air (seemingly a backwards jump, judging by his posture in the manga) and positions himself with his head directly facing the ground at one point. While he’s at a certain point in his position, Mukahi hits the ball from an irregular angle, with his body and face now facing the ground instead of his head. This is Mukahi's signature technique, with his teammates calling it the "Killer Moonsault."

This makes his return rather unpredictable and can allow Mukahi to put the ball away towards difficult angles where most net players would have a difficult time returning such shots. Despite his posture where his body seems to be facing the ground after the shot, Mukahi seems to be able to land rather safely, as he was shown to use this move various times during his matches.

In “New Prince of Tennis,” Mukahi was able to perform low-angle moonsaults, despite his moonsault being a high-elevated jumping techniques and the dangers of landing if a low-angled moonsault goes wrong, after training in the mountains post-departure from the camp.



  • The term "moonsault," also known as "back flip splash," is a professional wrestling aerial technique where the user performs a backflip and finishes off the opponent with a body press. It’s generally executed by jumping off of the top rope for even more impact. Mukahi’s use of his “Moonsault “is rather impressive as it depicts how a moonsault would look like using a rope, despite the fact that he’s jumping from the ground to execute his version of the technique.

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