Tennis Matches
Chapter 4
Shuffle Match
Momoshiro and Oni
Final Score

This match begins in Golden Age 004: The Extermination of Momoshiro's Demons and concludes in Golden Age 005: Momoshiro's Determination.

Shuffle MatchEdit

The middle schoolers' second day at the U-17 camp opens with a shuffle match between Momoshiro and Oni. Facing Oni from across the net, Momoshiro notices that Oni's racket only has a single cross string. The other middle schoolers are cheering Momoshiro on, some are jealous that he already gets to play a shuffle match.

Hirari and Tenjin think that the middle schoolers are underestimating Oni and reveal that while Oni is only on 5th court, he has never had a match with anyone from the higher courts and instead beats down anyone who is trying to rise up - he is known as the "Gatekeeper of Hell." Momoshiro also realizes that Oni is different from his prior opponents.

The match begins with Momoshiro hitting a Bullet Serve. Oni returns it easily, but Momoshiro has rushed the net and catches Oni off-guard with a drop shot. Oni barely manages to get to the shot and presents Momoshiro with a chance ball. Momoshiro tries to score with a Jack Knife, but to his surprise Oni returns it with his own Jack Knife. Momoshiro is unable to return this powerful shot and cannot even hold on to his racket.

Oni declares that Momoshiro's wrists are done for and that the match is over. Momoshiro's wrists have been broken by Oni's Jack Knife. Believing that the match is over, Oni is about to walk off the court, but Momoshiro picks up his racket with his mouth, lets it fall into his arms and calls him back. Oni responds that Momoshiro is an idiot, but continues the match.

As the match goes on, Momoshiro is hit by Oni's Black Jack Knife over and over, but stands up again every time. Sanada and Yanagi comment how unfortunate it is for Momoshiro, who specializes in the Jack Knife, to have to face a master of that move, however Yukimura replies that this must have been specifically set up by the coaches. According to Atobe, it is to silence the middle schoolers. Determined to score just a single point, Momoshiro grips his racket normally on the final point and hits another Jack Knife, but it is returned. Oni wins 6-0.

Some high schoolers say that the middle schoolers are pushovers after all, but Oni notices that Momoshiro's last Jack Knife broke his strings and encourages him to crawl up and become stronger.

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