Mitsumaru Sports is a sports equipment shop that is often frequented by the Seishun Academy students. The store has been featured in several times in the manga and anime. It is where the Seigaku Tennis Club has their regulars' jerseys made. According to Momoshiro Takeshi all Seigaku Tennis regulars receive a discount at the store.

This store is where Kikumaru Eiji bought his sneakers in Karupin's Adventure, and where Ryuzaki Sakuno bought her always returning elastic tennis ball. It is also the store that Ryuzaki Sakuno and Osakada Tomoka bought their shared pack of two tennis balls.

Episodes Featured InEdit

  • Episode 9 - The Hard Day
  • Episode 21 - Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?
  • Episode 27 - Karupin's Adventure
  • Episode 37 - A Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face

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