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Mirror Image and False Image (Kyōzō to kyozō, 鏡像と虚像) is the third episode of the New Prince of Tennis OVAs.



The First String's No. 11 - 20 continue their battle with the Middle Schoolers.

Yukimura's opponent is No. 11 Fuwa. However, Fuwa, without even hitting a single shot, says he'll give a "handicap" and blindfolds himself. Even though Fuwa is blinded, he is able to toy around with Yukimura. However, Yukimura has no intentions of giving up. On the contrary, he doesn't even need Fuwa's Handicap to provoke him...

At the same time, Irie is in a match with No. 20 Akiba. Akibe beats Irie's performance-like tennis with a single strike, calling it a "cheap production". As he hears those words, Irie burns with anger inside and recalls the conversation he had with Atobe.



Anime vs Manga DifferencesEdit

  • There is an extra flashback of Atobe and Irie during Irie's match with Akiba. The flashback itself has another flashback of the match between the two. They also have a small conversation about Shakespeare. This flashback motivates Irie to crush Akiba.
  • The match between Yukimura and Fuwa was extended. In the manga, when Fuwa uses Mirror Eyes, Yukimura alomost immediately faints from his own yips. However, in the anime, the dream match is extended.


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