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Mini Theater 3 is a Special chibi episode of the Prince of Tennis series.


In Rikkai, Yukimura asks Sanada to model for him, so Yukimura can paint him. Sanada and Yukimura go to the art room, where Sanada stands in front of Yukimura with his hands on his hips and a fierce expression on his face. Yukimura states that he can't find any inspiration and adjusts Sanada's form (to the point where he's standing like a ballerina). Sanada asks Yukimura about how long he's suppose to stand like that, and Yukimura answers 3 hours. Sanada finally gives in to being the model after Yukimura pretty blackmails him into doing it.

Not long after Kirihara approaches Yukimura asking him what he's drawing. Kirihara looks up at Sanada and starts laughing. Sanada punishes Kirihara for laughing at him being a model. The second year starts apologizing and tells Sanada and Yukimura that he's going to find Yukimura another model.

At the National Art Exibition, Yukimura wins the competetion of his painting series named "Sanada's Birth". It seems like Kirihara's idea worked out, which was finding Niou and asking him to use Illusion to impersonate Sanada.

After seeing the pictures of himself, Sanada becomes angry over how silly he looks in the portraits.

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