Meteor Drive
Shot Type
Forehand Lob
  • Nio hitting the Meteor Drive
  • Ball landing on baseline Meteor style
In his singles match against Seigaku's Fuji Shusuke, Nio shows his own move. This move is similar to Fuji's Hoshi Hanabi. Nio hits it high into the air and crash lands by the baseline of the opponents side of the court, meteor style.

This technique was later revealed to be from Inui's dream where Fuji is losing 5-0 at 40-0 match point.



  • This move isn't actually a real technique, but a technique that Niou used against Fuji in Inui's dream whilst he was recovering from the injuries he sustained from Kirihara's violent tennis style at the Nationals final.
  • Track 5 from Nio's album "P" is also called Meteor Drive.

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