• Advisor: Ikeuchi Hayato
  • Captain: Kadowaki Satoru
  • Vice-Captain: Hanabata Kaito
  • Treasurer: Kondou Minoru
  • Club Membership Count: 37


Makinofuji Gakuin One Year Prior To The Storyline made an excellent tournament run in the Nationals as they defeated Shishigaku who had the Two Wings of Kyushuu Tachibana and Chitose in their side in the semifinals and lined up a meeting in the final with Rikkai Dai. Unfortunately for Makinofuji they were swept aside as Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku won their 2nd Nationals tournament in a row.

This year, they reached the final of the Kansai Regional Tournament but were defeated by Shitenhouji. Hoping to make a similar impact on the Nationals as they did last year, their captain Kadowaki was rather arrogant. To their disappointment, they were defeated comfortably in the 2nd Round by first time Nationals participants Fudomine with Tachibana almost exacting his revenge on Makinofuji as he had now become the captain of Fudomine.

Tennis Team MembersEdit

Middle School DivisionEdit

OB's (Old Boys)Edit

High School DivisionEdit

3rd YearsEdit

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