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Season 2, Episode 43
Episode 43
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Lucky Sengoku (ラッキー千石Rakkī Sengoku) is the 43rd episode of the original Prince of Tennis. It was first aired on the 7th of August 2002.


In the Singles 3 encounter between Seigaku and Yamabuki at Tokyo Tournament final, Momoshiro Takeshi plays against Sengoku Kiyosumi, who is nicknamed Lucky Sengoku due to his outstanding luck. Momoshiro faces off with Sengoku. This match starts out with Momoshiro to serve, causing him to dunk smash. Later on Sengoku utilizes a Kohou which is a serve that uses a massive leap before serving, hitting it at the highest point and on center where the distance is at its maximum: a form of a dunk smash. After some fast paced rallies, Momoshiro gets a cramp in his left foot due to his ankle sprain. As the match goes on however, Momoshiro seemingly dominates but suddenly loses focus when Sengoku successfully uses Momoshiro's signature technique, the Dunk Smash against him. Sengoku then reveals his special technique, a powerful jumping serve called the Tiger Cannon. That, combined with his superb motion vision, allows him to take the lead against Momoshiro.