The Prince of Tennis Pairpuri Volumes are extra Databooks made for the Prince of Tennis Characters. Each volume has to do with two specific characters and a topic that relates to the characters. Along with that there are also some extras that are not related to any specific characters.

Pairpuri VolumesEdit

The pairpuri volumes are released with a corresponding New Prince of Tennis Manga Volume. So far there are 10 New Prince of Tennis Manga Volumes, and 10 Pairpuri Volumes. The cover of these volumes actually come from two pictures. The first five volumes are from one picture and it contains the players dressed in the white U-17 jersey, and the second picture contains players dressed in the Revolutionary Brigade. Not all of the players shown in the black jersey belong in the Revolutionary Brigade nor are all the white jersey players a winner of the Tie Breaker Elimination.


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