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This is the list of the current episodes for New Prince of Tennis.

Season 1

2nd Stringers~arc

Main article: 2nd Stringers~arc
Episode # Title
1 The Return of the Prince
2 The Gatekeeper of Hell
3 Friendly Fire
4 The Captain's Choice
5 Winners and Losers
6 Cliffs of the Heart
7 Start from Zero
8 Special Mission
9 Evolution and Change
10 Farewell, Kunimitsu Tezuka
11 Promise
12 The Start of a Revolution
13 Towards Your New Brilliant Selves

New Prince of Tennis Specials

Main article: New Prince of Tennis Specials arc
Episode # Title
1 The Night Before the Invitation
2 The Child of God VS The Emperor
3 The One That Stands On Top
4 The Special Day
5 A Day To Remember
6 Angel and Bible
7 Prince of Secrets

New Prince of Tennis OVA

1st Stringers~arc

Main article: 1st Stringers~arc
Episode # Title
1 Prelude to a Revolution
2 A Fierce Battle Begins
3 Mirror Image and False Image
4 The Night Before the Decisive Battle
5 The Strongest Pair
6 Betrayal and Bargaining
7 Embrace Sleep in 10 Balls
8 Emperor and Monster
9 Preparedness
10 Chosen Ones

Fan Disc Episodes

Main article: New Prince of Tennis Fan Disc Episodes ~ arc
Episode # Title
1 Be a Rival or Friend

Picture Dramas

Episode # Title
1 Hyoutei
2 Rikkai
3 Shitenhouji
4 Higa Chu
5 Seigaku


NPoT DVD Covers

OVA DVD Covers

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