This is the list of characters in Prince of Tennis manga/anime, organized by school and/or others.

Seishun Gakuen

Other Characters
  • Nanjiro Echizen (Former Student, Former Regular)
  • Yamato Yūdai (Former Tennis Captain)
  • Takesue (Former Tennis Team Member)
  • Sugiyama (Former Tennis Team Member)
  • Sakuno Ryuzaki (1st Year, Girl's Tennis Club Member)
  • Tomoka Osakada (1st Year, Ryoma Fan Club Member)
  • Ishikawa Hiroyuki (Principal)

Fudomine Middle School

Other Characters


Yamabuki Middle School

Hyōtei Academy



Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku




Higa Chuu

Nagoya Seitoku

Josei Shonan

Manga Only

Makinofuji Gakuin



Kakinoki Junior High

Ginka Middle School

Midoriyama Junior High (Manga)

Other Characters

1st Stringers

High School World Cup Team

  1. Hōō Byōdōin 3rd Year High School
  2. Shūji Tanegashima 3rd Year High School
  3. Duke Watanabe 3rd Year High School
  4. Kazuya Tokugawa 2rd Year High School
  5. Jūjirō Oni 3rd Year High School
  6. Ryūji Ōmagari 3rd Year High School
  7. Kimijima Ikuto 3rd Year High School
  8. Atsukyō Tōno 3rd Year High School
  9. Tsukimitsu Ochi 3rd Year High School
  10. Juzaburō Mōri 1st Year High School
  11. Danji Date 3rd Year High School
  12. Kanata Irie 3rd Year High School
  13. Izō Hakamada 3rd Year High School
  14. Sotomichi Nakagauchi 3rd Year High School

Middle School World Cup Team

  1. Keigo Atobe 3rd Year Middle School
  2. Seiichi Yukimura 3rd Year Middle School
  3. Kuranosuke Shiraishi 3rd Year Middle School
  4. Genichiro Sanada 3rd Year Middle School
  5. Jin Akutsu 3rd Year Middle School
  6. Kintarō Tōyama 1st Year Middle School
  7. Marui Bunta 3rd Year Middle School
  8. Shusuke Fuji 3rd Year Middle School
  9. Masaharu Niō 3rd Year Middle School
  10. Ishida Gin 3rd Year Middle School
  11. Shuichiro Oishi 3rd Year Middle School
  12. Eishirou Kite 3rd Year Middle School
  13. Kirihara Akaya 2nd Year Middle School
  14. Ryoma Echizen 1st Year Middle School (Moved to the US)

Former 1st Sringers

2nd Stringers

Training in the Mountains

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