Lightning (Rai)

Sanada1 0005

Shot Type
Two-Handed Stroke
Offensive, Supplementary

"Rai" is one of the two ultimate techniques that Sanada previously sealed off, in order for him to beat Tezuka one day. Yukimura and Tanegashima of the 1st string were able to return the shot flawlessly so far. This move was first mentioned in Rikkaidai's Semi-Final against Nagoya Seitoku, and gave Sanada the overwhelming 6-0 victory. However, it was first seen in Sanada's battle with Tezuka in the National Finals.

"Rai" grants the user inhuman speed, which allows them to 'strike from anywhere on the court'. When "Rai" hits the ground, it bounces at a right angle to its direction, making it nearly impossible for the opponent to return. There IS a weakness for this technique. The inhuman speed granted by "Rai" takes a huge toll on one's legs, and like the "Tezuka Phantom," gives the body a heavy burden if used consecutively.

This technique was stated by Yukimura to be able to break the gut strings of the racquet. In returning the shot hit by Sanada at the U-17 camp, Yukimura used the butt cap of the racquet handle to return it. However, when returning Ryoma's version of Rai at the National Finals, Yukimura was able to return it with his racquet strings, indicating that Ryoma's version was weaker. Tanegashima's natural ability to see and nullify the spin and power of any ball allowed him to effortlessly and simultaneously return "Rai" and break the the gut strings of Sanada's own racquet.



  • It is assumed by some fans that Ryoma Echizen may have overcome Rai (which Tezuka could not) since he copied it in his match against Yukimura Seiichi with the Muga No Kyouchi, however that is debatable, as Ryoma also copies Shiraishi's Entaku Shot and has never even played against him. However, although Ryoma has never truly been shown to see Rai, he presumably won against Sanada when he went to help Ryoma regain his memory, which was a perfect moment for Sanada to show Rai. Sanada was on the floor like everyone else, indicating that he lost, which probably meant that Ryoma overcame Rai.
    • In the OVA, Ryoma saw Rai during his match with Sanada to regain his memory, so he was probably able to overcome it.


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