Last Songs
Last Songs cover
Last Songs cover
Sachiko Nagai
Yukimura Seiichi
Release date
5 March 2009
¥3000 (tax included)
Distributed By
King Records
Catalog Number
Complete music list

Last Songs is an album released by Yukimura Seiichi (Sachiko Nagai).

Last SongsEdit

  1. Emerald Line
  2. Last Game
  3. Baby Knows
  4. Senkoku (Declaration)
  5. Dahlia
  6. Gardening no Uta (The Song of Gardening)
  7. Ushiro ni mo Me wo (There are Eyes Behind too)
  8. Ai no Uta (The Song of Love)
  9. Long Good Bye
  10. Yume no Tsuzuki II (The Continuation of Dreams II)
  11. Renoir no Gashuu (The Art Collection of Renoir)
  12. Sankyou to Yobarete (Being called the Top 3 Strongest)

Guest appearancesEdit

  • Track 2: Echizen Ryoma
  • Track 12: Sanada Genichirou & Yanagi Renji

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