Kuroshio is a middle school that participated in the Nationals. They received a bye into the first round. They eliminated Takashiro Gakuen in the second round but were eliminated by Nagoya Seitoku in the quarterfinals.


Tennis Record

Nationals Round 2

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Narukami Singles 3 Haizuka Kasuya Lost 4-6
Mori Wataru/Kuho Doubles 2 Uryuu Toshio/Koga Won 6-2
Ryouno Kairi Singles 2 Morotomi Won 6-4
Kusuyama/Setou Doubles 1 Matsuo/Mutaguchi Lost 3-6
Tamaki Toshiki Singles 1 Inaga Won 7-5

Nationals Quarterfinals

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Mori Wataru Singles 3 Katou Lost 0-6
Kusuyama/Setou Doubles 2 Nanahara Shou/Isogai Lost 0-6
Tamaki Toshiki Singles 2 Shionoya Naoki Lost 0-6
Ryouno Kairi/Narukami Doubles 1 Hayashi Shinya/Yoshiyama Not Played
Kuho Singles 1 Hiei Not Played