Kuroshio is a middle school that participated in the Nationals. They received a bye into the first round. They eliminated Takashiro Gakuen in the second round but were eliminated by Nagoya Seitoku in the quarterfinals.


Tennis RecordEdit

Nationals Round 2Edit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Narukami Singles 3 Haizuka Kasuya Lost 4-6
Mori Wataru/Kuho Doubles 2 Uryuu Toshio/Koga Won 6-2
Ryouno Kairi Singles 2 Morotomi Won 6-4
Kusuyama/Setou Doubles 1 Matsuo/Mutaguchi Lost 3-6
Tamaki Toshiki Singles 1 Inaga Won 7-5

Nationals QuarterfinalsEdit

Player(s) Position Opponent Score
Mori Wataru Singles 3 Katou Lost 0-6
Kusuyama/Setou Doubles 2 Nanahara Shou/Isogai Lost 0-6
Tamaki Toshiki Singles 2 Shionoya Naoki Lost 0-6
Ryouno Kairi/Narukami Doubles 1 Hayashi Shinya/Yoshiyama Not Played
Kuho Singles 1 Hiei Not Played

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